Notary Services
In Somerset, PA

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Notary Services Handled Efficiently at Friedline Notary & Tax Service

Friedline Notary & Tax Service provides notary services in Somerset, PA, for most documentation. We offer notarization for vehicle insurance, medical documents, and other business or personal needs. If you need a document notarized, we can help. With over 30 years of service, we have seen and notarized thousands of documents successfully.
Notarization provides the documentation with a feeling of authenticity. We notarize our documentation to prove that everything in it is official. A notary is important to legitimize signatures on the document and be sure no party was forced into the action. Acknowledgment, legal documentation, and certified copies may require notarization . Give us a call at (814) 443-4902 or email [email protected] to see if we notarize the document you have.

Acknowledgment Notary for Deeds, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and More

An acknowledgment notary is usually required to clearly state something is being owned or transferred. We provide these services to such documents as deeds, trusts, power of attorney, and more. You must appear in person to sign the document and acknowledge it is correct as written.

Legal Documentation Notarized for Affidavits, Sworn Statements, and More

Legal documentation often needs notarization as it can be pivotal in some court cases. Affidavits are often a major document we deal with in this category, but we service any legal documentation. This notary type involves being available in person and having an oath read at the signing. These documents are often vital in legal cases and we treat them with great care.

We Notarize Certified Copies for All Documents in Somerset, PA

Certified copies are simply that, a copy of an original document that we notarize as officially usable. These documentations include marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, and many more. We strive to keep all your certified documentation official and ready to use. For notarization of these documents types and many more, feel free to stop by or Somerset, PA location.